Ignite Your Career

Where Every Agent Can Thrive!

How can we say that? Because we empower agents like you. When Notably becomes your brokerage, you’ll have 24/7 support and innovative tools you can use to find leads, market yourself on social media, build your brand and website, write contracts, and facilitate closings.

What We Offer

Lower Fees

We’re re-inventing the industry fee structure. Too many brokerages charge too much and offer too little. We’ll keep our fees reasonable and provide you new tools.

Brand Building

Notably is built around you and your brand. That’s why we encourage you to express your own brand. You decide the colour, style and message they just need to be professional and meet RECA’s standards.

An Awesome Website

By partnering with MyRealPage, you get a free website for 6 months with no set up fee. Your site is fully brand-able to you, it will be up as soon as you start with Notably. Are you building a team? Team Websites are also available.

Automated Tools

We are all about making your business easier. We o!er automated tools so you can do a full Market Evaluation in minutes for your listing presentation, or a professional buyers tour when you’re meeting a client for the first time.

Your Own Leads

When we give you a lead, any business done after the first transaction is all yours. Use your skills and Notably’s tools to nurture them for the rest of your career.

Investing in You

We’ll directly reinvest 10% of the profits from Notably back into your brand. This is paid directly to your marketing/design team, use it for feature sheets, business cards or building your brand presence.

Social Connections

Our tools help you make social media work for you. Starting with posts to introduce you to Notably, we’ll create posts for new listings, sold properties, and open houses. All the content and links that we post are directed to back you.

Solid Partnerships

We believe partnerships should be beneficial to the agents, not just the brokerage. That’s why we’re always adding new partners that benefit you.

Prompt Advances

Do you like to sometimes get paid before possession? We partnered with AREA and their commission advance program and charge half of what most brokerages charge,

Quality Standards

Since your brand and the Notably brand are intertwined, our policy is that all listings must have professional photos and measurements. No cell phone pictures!

Transaction Management & Business Tracking

Our Transaction system makes it easy for you to do. your busines, track your commissions and submit your sales to our conveyancing department.

Support and Training

We help you get up to speed and walk you through the process. We also offer comprehensive support to help you deal with any questions that come up.

Growing and Growing

Together, we’ll grow Notably. And the more agents we have the more tools we can put in place.

A Note from Ryan

Founder of Notably Real Estate

This has been my dream for years – A product created by agents for agents. I want us to change our business and evolve it together.

I started Notably because I saw a need for more than just an innovative office. I wanted to build a brokerage based on integrity and loyalty. One built around providing support, growing our business together, collaboration and inclusion.

This is why Notably is different.

I’ve worked for big name brokerages with 250 agents, and for brokerages with 4 agents. The success I saw was based on my brand and how I worked, not the brand of the brokerage.

That’s why we are mentors and trainers in real-time. We’ll work with you and for you. We’ll be uplifting, supportive and encouraging. We’ll inspire you to bigger and better things.

Ignite Your Career

Virtually every real estate agent can thrive here.